Thursday, November 1, 2012

Advancing Impact Investing Platforms… Promise and Peril!

Excited to share this excellent blog post on impact investing for those interested in social enterprise models and the thinking behind scaling new models. I've been following impact investing since the early Andrew Bugg-Levine papers, and I believe that, in aggregate, it has the potential to advance the way we fund social and community services in the future. But probably the most exciting thing about impact investing (and this post in particular) is the enlightened perspective that shines through the strategy development. Here's an example of what I mean from Jed Emerson:

"We need to be both honest about that reality and clear on assessing those strategies that do lend themselves to scale. Impact Investing is not a single hammer looking for all the nails in the world—it is a diverse and dynamic approach to creating innovative applications of capital in appropriate ways to maximize potential impact. While the promise of investment platforms is, uh, promising, it is important we not start our discussion with the assumption that all investment strategies must scale!"

Wow. Really? When the philanthropists and the post-bust generation of investment bankers get together, they're really somethin'. Just to anchor this, McMorris Consulting can help companies and organizations understand this new sector, but more importantly, we can help to place it in your strategic landscape. Post a comment or reach out and we'll show you what we mean.

Advancing Impact Investing Platforms… Promise and Peril!: the latest blog post

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