About Us

This is a customer-led, relationship-based economy that is lightening fast with no borders.

The industrial-age, push-to-many strategies don't apply in this highly customized, customer-driven economy. Forecasting tools are unreliable. Time-tested strategies, unpredictable. Competition comes from all corners and even from other industries. Long-term decisions are made very cautiously. 

You know this because your living it, but management teams have little bandwidth to gain the context they need to grab the reins and design well-informed strategies while they're running their organizations in this dynamic environment. 

This is where we come in. 

Working with senior management teams of for-profit, non-profit and social enterprises Carla co-develops organization-wide or market specific strategies and business plans informed by and optimized for the new customer-driven economy. As President, VP of Strategy and VP of Marketing, Carla has lead startup companies and repositioned established companies for success in six diverse industries over nearly 15-years: information services, web services, capital markets, higher education reform, enterprise software and insurance. 

Diverse, hands-on management experience is the genesis of her talent in analyzing complex and difficult problems then quickly identifying patterns and connections to design innovative solutions. Her consulting practice focuses her talents through the lens of context –confident strategic decisions can only be made when management teams have context of their markets, their customers, their risks and opportunities.

Short, efficient and cost-effective consulting engagements gain that context quickly through a parallel process of deep information gathering with research, analysis and landscaping. Models and process flows from multiple sectors are compared and shared, concluding with actionable strategic initiatives that are fully compatible with near-term goals and full informed by context. Clients enjoy dedicated resources, with the transparency of 24/7 access to work-in-progress, flexible, in-person collaboration and frequent, time-sensitive virtual alignment sessions.

Let us help you gain confidence through context. Contact us and share confidentially share your situation and ideas.

For a full profile of Carla McMorris please see: www.linkedin.com/in/carlamcmorris