Services for Fund and Program Managers

Just like the startup companies, funds and programs that you support and manage, it is difficult to maintain context and monitor multiple dynamic markets while running day-to-day operations. 

True, nothing can replace the business savvy and industry knowledge that you and your colleagues share. And true, most firms are highly resourced with analyst and consulting support, but there is always the challenge of maintaining context -seeing the forest from the trees. And third-party perspective is always an asset.

Carla McMorris has a breadth of experience in venture capital management, social entrepreneurship and education initiatives and programs. She also understands the challenges and the dynamics of the burgeoning impact investing sector. McMorris Consulting has developed a suite of monitoring and research services tuned to the needs of fund and program managers. They are designed to provide a landscape of insights at the company/organization level, industry sector or initiative level, or at the fund level.  

Context and a third-party perspective is accomplished quickly through a proven process of a deep initial dive by a dedicated team, followed by the design and implementation of highly-tuned monitoring and iterative research, with 24/7 access to an intuitive, customized information dashboard. Client collaboration is client-driven and on-demand, with team, content and service flexibility to match the dynamics of the environments you operate in.

Each engagement for Fund and Program Managers is unique. Please contact us to receive a walk-through of the services, include profiles of the research team, specific processes an example of the customizable dashboard.

Carla McMorris is a venture associate for an early-stage venture capital firm and she has worked closely with their partners on deal flow strategy, pipeline efficiency and directly with their portfolio CEOs. She has written and delivered many investment presentations to venture capital firms in Silicon Valley and angel investors with several startup teams.

Carla is a graduate of the Venture Capital Management certificate program at UC Berkeley. She is also the graduate of the Global Sustainability and Change Management program at UC Berkeley. 

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